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To develop and provide the world wide best IPs for the image, video and audio related multimedia applications.


Taiwan ImagingTek Corporation (ImagingTek, TITC) is dedicated to the development of innovative image/video/audio processing and compression technology. ImagingTek was established in November 2002 with its headquarters located in ITRI Incubator Center. Postal address is shown in "Contact" IIT GmbH, the daughter company of ImagingTek is financially backed by a German federal government fund (tbg) has business operations in Munich, Germany. TITC's core compression technology has been validated and being implemented in image and video related electronic products which provides substantial cost savings to system manufacturers and will provide the end users of digital camera, DVD/DV/STB, LCD/DTV, PDA, MFP, eBook / eDictionary, smart phone, etc. with benefits such as high performance, lower cost, and lower power consumption.

With its prevailing benefit in performance, cost and low power consumption, IIT GmbH was suggested as a candidate for funding by the German federal government" Technologie Beteiligungsgesellschaft (technology participation corporation,"tbg",www.tbgbonn.de), and was subsequently funded in spite of a very harsh investment climate in year 2002. Decisive factors in the German government funding decision were the product's market relevance, prevailing strength in performance, cost and low power and the founder's talent in engineering as well as his entrepreneurship.  For accelerating the commercialization of its technology and reducing the R&D and reducing the operating cost, the Taiwan ImagingTek Corporation is established in November 2003 and settled in ITRI, a government sponsored research institute. ImagingTek has won the Taiwan government (MOEA) SBIR supplementary fund. Support from German and Taiwan governments is very helpful and very appreciated. In 2 months after establishment, ImagingTek has successfully developed proof of concept prototypes and is aggressively selling its technology to some world wide top consumer IC and system vendors. ImagingTek becomes profitable 5 months after kicked off in ITRI. One of the key factors to ImagingTek's success will be the team's proven ability to combine the strong points of engineering approaches and business cultures of the three continents to one efficient and result oriented working entity dedicated to customer satisfaction. 




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Taiwan Address : Rm. 308, Bld.52, No.195, Sec 4, Chung-Hsing Rd., Jhudong, HsinChu, 310, TAIWAN

   Japan Address : OOC NO.406, 2-26-47, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, Japan

                              France Address: 20 Avenue de Lowendal, 75015 Paris, France                          

        German Address : Ritter-Hilprand-Str. 8 D-82024 Taufkirchen by Munich, Germany

U.S.A Address : 18781 Loree Avenue, Cupertino, California, 95014, U.S.A